LCI Lippert Bottlecheck Bluetooth GAS Gauge

Lippert BottleCheck

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LCI Lippert Bottlecheck Bluetooth GAS Gauge

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LCI Lippert Bottlecheck Bluetooth GAS Gauge

Check propane tank levels using BottleCheck Bluetooth sensor and smart device application. BottleCheck can measure the LPG level and when the tank is empty.

BottleCheck can be used on tanks in RVs, caravans, heaters, BBQ grills, etc. BottleCheck sensors are magnetically attached to the bottom of propane tanks.

The sensors periodically measure propane levels and wirelessly send the fill level to the BottleCheck app. This technology is patent pending.

Product Description

Measure LP fuel level accurately on your smartphone. Sensors mount magnetically to the bottom of your tank and communicate to the free Tank Sensor app.

  • Tank Sensor app is free to download on a smartphone
  • Communicates via Bluetooth to the Tank Sensor app

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