The Lippert Range

The Lippert Range

Lippert Components are the largest supplier of Slide Out Systems to the US RV Market. Started in
1957, their longevity in the RV industry stands as a testament to the quality workmanship
that goes into each kit.

Exclusively available through Coast to Coast, Lippert have come up with ready-to-use In-Wall™
Slide Out Systems, allowing Australian manufacturers to provide more living space to RV consumers without compromising overall size.

Product Description

Durable & Corrosion Resistant

Lightweight anodized aluminum resists rust better than systems with chains, cables and exterior mounting brackets.

More Space
Slide-Out mechanism fits inside the wall cavity leaving significantly more interior space.
Other bulky systems require a slide room fascia to cover motor and pulleys.

Leak Free
The 50/50 power split ensures both slide room sides properly compress seals. Independent side
control allows different stroke lengths to compensate for bulb seals setting or wearing down unequally.

Lightest slide system on the market keeps overall RV weight down.

No Adjustments
The In-Wall Slide-Out System never needs complicated adjustments.

Smart Control Technology
Smart system continually monitors motors for safe operation, and stops the slide-out if an issue is detected.


    • Each Slide Out System (per side) consists of: x1 Motor Drive, x2 Drive Gears and x1 Torque Shaft
    • Can be installed on RVs with a wall thickness of 25 - 38mm
    • Has a manual override function
    • Switch is mounted internally (to move room in or out)


markerOver 300 independent stockist throughout Australia & New Zealand