Fiamma Caravanstore Royal Grey Awnings

Fiamma Caravanstore Royal Grey Awnings

A lightweight bag awning with a manual rollout operation. Specifically made for caravans and minivans, the Caravanstore Awning has an extra wide roller tube which can be rewound without the fabric wrinkling. It takes seconds to roll it out and since the legs are inside the roller tube, they too are quick and easy to position. The legs are hinged and telescopic so they can’t fall out and get lost. The design of the Caravanstore Awning has been improved recently and it now comes with a Central Rafter fixing kit to ensure a centre rafter is installed safely (from Caravanstore 255). The lead bar now also features a second track so that a sunscreen or LED lights can be utilised.

Product Description

 Easy Installation

Slides easily into existing sail track. Once unrolled, simply pull out the legs and position accordingly. When it’s time to pack up, the roller tube can be rolled up either way.

Colours And Materials

 Housed in a soft bag with a self-lubricating zipper that won’t get stuck. The canopy is available in Deluxe Grey and is waterproof, rot proof and UV resistant.


  • Available Sizes:

     Product Code  Description  Dimensions  Weight
     200-20000  Fiamma Caravanstore 190 Royal Grey Awning  Awning Length: 196cm
     Canopy Length: 162cm
     Extension: 180cm
     200-20002  Fiamma Caravanstore 225 Royal Grey Awning  Awning Length: 236cm
     Canopy Length: 202cm
     Extension: 225cm
     200-20004  Fiamma Caravanstore 255 Royal Grey Awning  Awning Length: 266cm
     Canopy Length: 232cm
     Extension: 225cm
     200-20058  Fiamma Caravanstore 310 Royal Grey Awning  Awning Length: 318cm
     Canopy Length: 284cm
     Extension: 225cm
     200-20060  Fiamma Caravanstore 360 Royal Grey Awning  Awning Length: 369cm
     Canopy Length: 334cm
     Extension: 225cm


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